DUI/DWI Attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

A DUI is no minor matter in Kansas or Missouri; it can have lasting implications for your future if you do not take steps to protect yourself. There are many potential defenses to a DUI charge, but you must take action quickly in order to protect your rights and your future. If you are facing a DUI or DWI charge in Kansas City, MO, contact DUI/DWI attorney Greg Abella today.

DUI Consequences in Kansas

A DUI is a serious criminal offense in Kansas and a second or subsequent conviction will be charged as a felony. Some of the penalties associated with being convicted of a DUI in Kansas included a suspended license, fines, and time in jail up to one year. Those individuals under age 21 may be facing an automatic 30-day driver's license suspension with 330 additional days of restricted privileges. Those Kansas or Missouri CDL holders may lose their license (and their livelihood) for up to one year.

The Consequences May Be as Follows in Kansas:

  • First DUI Offense: Up to 6 months in prison, fines up to $500, minimum incarceration time and one year of probation
  • Second DUI Offense: Up to one year in prison, fines of up to $1,000 plus court costs, five days minimum of incarceration, and probation for one year.
  • Third DUI Offense (charged as a felony): Up to a year in prison with a minimum sentence of 90 days, fines up to $2,500 plus court costs, and probation for one year.

Refusing a chemical test in Kansas will lead to a license suspension unless you are able to receive a hardship license after the minimum suspension period.

DWI Consequences in Missouri

Missouri takes charges of DWI seriously and you could be facing multiple penalties if convicted or a first or subsequent DWI. Here are the common ramifications for DWI charges in Missouri:

  • First DWI Offense: Up to six months in prison, suspension of driving privileges, fines up to $500 plus court costs, and probation for up to two years
  • Second DWI Offense in 5 years: Up to a year in jail, a revoked driver's license, fines up to $1,000 plus court costs, and probation for up to two years.
  • Third or subsequent DWI conviction: Felony charges can lead to a 10-year denial of driving privileges, 5-15 years in prison, fines up to $5,000 plus court costs, probation, and revoked driving privileges.

Whether it is your first DWI in Missouri or a subsequent charge, you may be eligible to have your record expunged so that you can put this negative event behind you. A new Missouri law allows for some past felony and misdemeanor convictions to be removed from your record. These include criminal DWI records, but you can only benefit from this if you take action by speaking with a Missouri DWI defense lawyer. Those individuals who pleaded down to a lesser DWI charge in Missouri may be more likely to benefit from this new law.

DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer in Kansas and Missouri

Greg Abella is committed to stepping in immediately and keeping you advised of all the relevant details in your DWI case. Greg Abella's goal is to respond assertively to potential investigations and charges and to keep the client informed at each stage in the process. While Abella Law Firm hopes to resolve issues sooner than going to trial where possible, he always works to prepare each case as if it will ultimately go to trial, giving you the peace of mind that you have someone working hard for you from day one. Contact Abella Law Firm today for a free consultation.